Recommended Practitioners   Dr Kerry Goyette.   In Amesbury, MA;  One of only a handful of chiropractors that practice the Zone Technique; She gets amazing results with many different types of conditions not just neck and back pain.  Check out her web page for more information!     In Medford MA:  Not your typical physical therapist, Astrid approaches physical therapy with a holistic philosophy.  She understands each person is unique and requires a tailored plan.    In Medford, MA:  Body Synergy Massage Therapy  Kirstin Cobb, LMT  978-314-6140        In Medford, MA:   Laurie Arena, LMT


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Good Life Botanicals:  Great blend of full spectrum hemp oil and chinese herbal medicine to get to the root of your pain!  View Products online.


Kamwo Store:  Kamwo Meridian Herbs is one of the oldest and largest herbal dispensaries on the East Coast. Since 1973, they have been a trusted source for quality TCM supplies, medicinal herbs and natural health products.  View Products Online.



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